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With a soulful, euphonious voice and an engaging songwriting style combining elements of pop, soul, funk, jazz, rock, Americana and more, Leah Marlene is a seasoned performer, songwriter and producer. Often compared to the likes of Allen Stone, Stevie Nicks, Tori Kelly or Jade Bird, Leah aspires to live in a world beyond genre. As a performer, not one person that comes to a Leah Marlene show will leave without becoming her best friend by the end of her set. Leah takes the audience on a journey from hair raising ballads to high energy rock anthems with playful banter sure to make you bust a gut at least once during her set. She has been performing professionally since she was 9 years old, and it is clear: making music and sharing it with others is truly what Leah was born to do. 



Feel free to jump around this video. There are 8 clips of Leah performing different songs in various settings to give you a feel for what Leah sounds like live. All are original songs except the first one. 

If there ever were a video to explain Leah's personality, this would be it. She played everything, produced, and mixed this one minute cover of "Don't Lose Sight" by Lawrence!


Some Booking History



Bluebird Cafe

Nashville, TN

  • $15 ticket

  • Audience: 80

  • Writers round with Leah Marlene, Troy Castellano, John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard), Emmy Award-winning writer Andrew Rollins and accompanied by Jeff McMahon (Tim McGraw keyboardist)

Scotiabank Convention Centre

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

  • $32+ ticket

  • Audience: 950

  • Leah Marlene opening up for Honeymoon Suite


Monarch Music Hall

Peoria, Illinois

  • $12-$15 ticket

  • Audience: 50

  • Leah Marlene opening up for Austin Krause-Thompson and Collin Krause (Way Down Wanderers)



Bloomington, IL

  • $10-$15 ticket

  • Audience: 50

  • Acts: Leah Marlene, Modern Drugs, Soft Coup, Alexa Redd

Saturdays On The Square

Bloomington, IL

  • Free Concert Series

  • Audience: 200

  • Leah Marlene opening up for Althea Grace


Castle Theatre

Bloomington, IL

  • $15-$18

  • Audience: 25 (last minute add)

  • Leah Marlene opening for Andrew Duhon

Castle Theatre

Bloomington, IL

  • November 24, 2021

  • $23-$25

  • Audience: TBA (400 expected)

  • Dan Hubbard with special guests BRETT NEWSKI & THE NO TOMORROW and Leah Marlene

Leah Marlene at the Duncan Manor

Towanda, IL

  • $30 ticket

  • 40 sold (SOLD OUT)

  • Headliner: Leah Marlene


Listening Room Cafe

Nashville, TN

  • $5 ticket

  • 150+ sold

  • Writer’s round with Leah Marlene, Troy Castellano, Victoria Banks, Jeffrey East



 Bloomington IL

  • $7 Ticket

  • 45 sold

  • Leah Marlene opening for Stone & Snow

Stevenson Salmon Festival

Richmond, BC, Canada

  • Public Festival

  • Audience: 400

  • Headliner: Honeymoon Suite

TD Concerts At The Pier

White Rock, BC, Canada

  • Free concert series

  • Audience: 1000+

  • Leah Marlene opening for Honeymoon Suite

Bluewater BorderFest

Sarnia, ON, Canada

  • Public Festival

  • Audience: 50 (rain)

  • Acts: The Guess Who, Honeymoon Suite, The Arkells, Leah Marlene, Dear Rouge, Matt Mays, Cory James Mitchell Band, Drake White & the Big Fire, Drew Jacobs.

Carl Zehr Square

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

  • Free festival

  • Audience: 2500+

  • Leah Marlene opening up for Honeymoon Suite



Leah Marlene EP Release Party at nightshop

Bloomington, IL

  • Free admission

  • Audience: 75 (at cap)

  • Headliner: Leah Marlene

Released Music

*Leah is currently recording the next album to be released in the new year*

Released in NOV 2020, Leah produced every track on the The Space Between - except "Today" - in her basement studio. "Today" was produced by platinum producer, David Kalmusky. These songs are extremely raw and honest as they were an outpouring from the lowest season of Leah's life. Recording the album was a healing journey for her, and she hopes the album wrap its listeners with a blanket of great warmth and compassion.

Released in DEC 2018, the songs on Arrow came from Leah's first co-writes in Nashville. The album was recorded over the course of a year and supported by a Pledge Music crowdfunding campaign while she was in high school. This EP was a foundational experience for Leah as it allowed her to explore her sound and get to know who she wanted to be as an artist.

Most the music Leah plays in her set is off her upcoming album to be released in the new year.
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